Join the #integritasza movement

The #Integritasza movement is a broad-based networked movement which acts as a value community to promote integrity, empathy, compassion and reciprocity in all spheres of human life in the context of the economy, ecology, polity, society and ecology. The movement firmly believes that integrity is dignity, and that corruption is deadly- and kills.

The #integritasza movement affirms that all who associate with the #Integritasza movement respect the South African Constitution, the rule of law, support the quest for integrity, embrace honesty, uphold and accept accountability, practice transparency and put South Africa first.  #Integritasza Integrity calls for courage, consistency and resilience.

#Integitasza integrity:

  • is dignity,
  • embraces responsibility,
  • follows the golden rule of doing unto others as one wants to be done unto,
  • demands honesty,
  • requires doing the right thing even when no one is watching,
  • strives for consistency to act consistently, with compassion towards all, always and under all circumstances and especially when it is difficult to do so,
  • requires that what is right shall be said- and done

In stark contrast to @integritasza integrity, corruption is deadly – and kills!

Corruption always and everywhere and especially in South Africa, erodes the Constitution, threatens the rule of law, undermines sovereignty, undermines inclusive growth and destroys economic development. Corrupt public officials and private parties conspire and act together to destroy public value for selfish interests. Public trust is betrayed, democratic values are destroyed, social cohesion is destroyed, conflict grows and life becomes solitary, nasty, poor, brutish- and short! The possibility of a war of all against all increasingly becomes a reality.

The purpose and scope of the #integrittasza movement commits all those who associate with the movement to pledge to commit to the highest standards of integrity in thought, empathy and action. Integrity awareness and actions should be created, supported, spread and practised by all who join and support the #Integritasza movement.

The #Integritasza movement values and actions support and guides CiviNovus initiatives and sets the standards for conduct in the Civinovus space. It also realises that integrity is a quest for zero defect rather than full and final perfection, and that even the best intended humans are fallible human beings. Our integrity bars are high and also applied with empathy, compassion and humility to serve.

People who subscribe to the values and actions of the #Integritasza movement are invited to join the movement by contacting