The How

CiviNovus co-creates and shares value and prosperity for the planet and our beneficiaries and clients through world-class social innovation initiatives based on knowledge and wisdom grounded in

  • Inspiring innovative ideas
  • Inclusive Institutionalisation
  • Impactful Implementation, and
  • Virtuous Values


We embrace and aspire to live aligned with our core values of Integrity, compassion, empathy, and reciprocity.

We value being grounded in knowledge-based social innovation initiatives and are actively involved in research, education, teaching, service, and consultancy to co-create and share prosperity and public value. We continuously aspire to co-create and disseminate wisdom based on data, information, and knowledge  

We value, in the context of our values the beneficial impact on our social innovation initiatives using networks which are co-creative, strong on vision and weak on boundaries.

We value open mindsets which encourage reflective practice grounded learning where thinking and action:

  • elevates from merely considering places to re-imagining spaces,
  • intentionally involves and/and rather than or/or thinking, and
  • shifts significantly from “Yes But” to “Yes We Can” attitudes and action.