About Us

We are an NPC, meaning that CiviNovus is a Not-for-Profit Company. We focus on serving communities by providing social innovation services. The name of CiviNovus derives from the combination of the two words civilians and novus. The word novus means “new” in Latin. This means CiviNovus is a space where people get inspired to be involved and contribute to social innovations in the social dimensions of society.

We co-create in partnerships through consultation, education, inspiration, and collaboration. We focus on a foundation of integrity that is our why. Within the field we work in we have a wide variety of institutions, individuals, and organisations we have a close partnership with. We consult individuals as well as organisations with their social issues and questions. We educate by training professionals and interns through working with the Centre for Good Governance in  Africa. As a way to display our philosophy we organise conferences, we are often heard on radio, represented in newspapers and social media. In the field and practice of collaboration we offer short courses under the flagship of the School of Social Innovation at Hugenote Kollege.

How do we reach our aspirations? We rely on networking and have created a trustful, worthy network through which we connect with others and our goals. We believe conversations change conditions, and as mentioned before, through precious collaborations.

We combine compassion, competence, and capacity for the greater good. CiviNovus is a gateway because we offer multiple services and ways in which we stimulate social businesses, striving for innovation and human dignity.

In conclusion, join us on the way to an innovative, integrity-based life that will enable you to change the world for the better, together!