The What

We at CiviNovus, as a network, co-create mutual benefit for the planet, society, and local communities. We intentionally do so in interaction and partnerships with our clients and the communities we serve.  To do so, we utilise and apply analysis, advice, action and activism in the economy, ecology, polity, society, and technology, applying:

  • Knowledge, which is relevant and applicable as well as validated and disseminated,
  • Education and Training which empowers and capacitates individuals and institutions with reliable, valid and valuable date, information, knowledge and wisdom to engage with complex adaptive and wicked problems to build test and replicate prototype solutions with a bias for action and concurrent creation and sharing of prosperity and public value,
  • Research, which is grounded in building prototype solutions for based on knowledge and wisdom for complex problems and high potential opportunities which also solve problems through prototypes that can be tested, validated, applied and scaled,
  • Consultancy which guides and advises inclusively and with impact,
  • Services enhancing social innovation leadership for impact and impactful inclusive implementation using social entrepreneurship for sustainable social business innovation, incubation and acceleration.