In our work we engage for analysis, action and activism based upon the knowledge value chain of beneficiating data into information, knowledge and wisdom.

For this we use a number of social innovation techniques and tools, including the Schwella Leadership Model and the CiviNovus Social Innovation Method.

The Schwella Leadership Model is a theory and tool to analyse leadership in order to act in socially innovative learning ways to find prototype solutions for wicked societal problems in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world.

The Schwella Leadership Model is complemented by the CiviNovus Innovation Model:

As further tools we use Design Thinking in combination with Human-Centred Design and Social Enterprise Thinking, Incubation and Acceleration.

All of our work is also built on our consistent values of integrity, empathy, compassion and reciprocity.

Systematic and systemic systems thinking informs our analysis, action and activism consistently and continuously: