Profile: Raymond Cloete

It always seems impossible until it’s done ― Nelson Mandela
An Entrepreneurial heart that is always willing to learn new skills.
Raymond grew up in one of the Townships called Bonteheuwel where people of colour were moved during Apartheid. He completed his schooling in Bonteheuwel and started working. He is a humanitarian and very involved with his community and church.  He excelled in the Security Industry before he started working for a political party and progressed to become their bookkeeper. Raymond then became an entrepreneur and started his own business assisting people on the highway especially at night when people and often women were stuck without fuel or having a punctured tyre. He is also an all-rounder doing any handy work from painting to plumbing. Raymond also started his own tourism and transport business and also does licensing, roadworthy and other vehicle related tasks. He became part of the Civinovus team doing administrative work and assisting with all IT related work.
To always be reliable and have integrity and to always go the extra mile for his clients. If we all do good to one another and treat each other the way one would like to be treated, the world will be a better place.