Profile: Lyzette Schwella

‘Everyone is uniquely irreplaceable.’- Victor Frankl
Team player; cannot teach others, but can make them think; human-centred design thinker; personal mastery is my lifelong journey that I do not travel alone; continuous improvement is my way forward; mindful compassion should be practiced daily; emotional intelligence can be developed; we are all designers of our destinies; and the creation of awareness of the value of integrity creates dignity and prosperity.
I am a qualified Counselling Psychologist with a higher educational diploma and assessors qualification. Personal mastery, emotional intelligence and human-centred design are my main interests and fields of expertise. I have worked in special education, secondary education, tertiary education, adult education, and in private practice.  

I was an extraordinary lecturer at the School of Public Leadership at Stellenbosch University,  practiced as a Counselling Psychologist at DF Malan High School and practice as independent Counselling Psychologist.   

Currently I am a lecturer at the School of Social Innovation at Hugenote Kollege. My work experience regarding the teaching I do  is embedded in combining theory and practical applications.  In personal mastery I want you to actively get to know yourself better and to build on your strengths.  Emotional intelligence has a variety of skills you can acquire to handle your emotions and other people’s emotions. 

My goal is to help people experience the multitude of benefits by gaining emotional intelligence.  Human-centred design is solving problems with the people experiencing the problems.  Together we are stronger.
I see social innovation as the way to change the world, person by person.  We have the power to make tomorrow better than today.  For this we need to ignite the desire to be part of the solution and not the problem. This can be done through conversations and education while having fun.  

The use of honest dialogues instead of debates help us to think clearer.  Everything depends on the quality of our thinking we do first.  Human-centred designers believe all problems have a solution.  Everyone is a designer and when we apply our thinking with the help of imagination, creativity, and innovation we have infinite access to solutions.